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Responsible Operations that Continuously Improve

Greenfire is committed to building a sustainable, resilient, and responsible company.

This is demonstrated by ensuring the appropriate processes, protocols, and procedures are in place to support continuous improvement, which includes shaping and implementing strategies that achieve positive outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, including local First Nations and Metis communities.

Additionally, Greenfire successfully operates within a comprehensive regulatory environment. Adherence to regulation is achieved through an efficient and robust measurement, tracking, and reporting system that ensures accountability across the organization.

Indigenous Inclusion

We are proud to continue our collaborative participation in the Indigenous Advisory Group (the “IAG”).  Comprised of members from various Indigenous communities in the Athabasca region – including Elders, leaders, and youth – who provide valuable traditional knowledge, the IAG provides an open forum for discussion regarding ongoing operational activities and future opportunities and ensures that we uphold the highest possible environmental protection and monitoring standards.

Greenfire is focused on supporting opportunities for community members, business enterprises, and youth activities in the areas where we operate. Our efforts are centred on opportunities and activities that promote traditional culture awareness, athletic activities for young people,  and providing contracting opportunities where available.

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